02 may 2017

This June David Lusk Gallery Nashville presents Outsider Artists: Bridging Communities, artworks by self-taught artists. The exhibition is guest-curated by John Jerit, a renowned collector of works by self-taught artists.

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Greely Myatt

19 apr 2017|POSIT

As an artist, I want you to care about something as much as I care. To do that I make work that is at the same time familiar, and a…

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Emily Leonard: Unfold

19 apr 2017|Nashville Scene

In her first solo show in five years, Emily Leonard is showing a series of floral paintings at David Lusk Gallery. Lush and filled with layered, moody brushwork, the paintings…

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This Land | Jack Spencer

14 apr 2017|SouthxSoutheast Photo Magazine

Recently, on the final shooting trip for this book, I was traveling on New York Highway 14 along the western flank of the Finger Lakes on my way to Watkins…

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Encounters: Beth Edwards

04 apr 2017|Huntsville Museum of Art

The latest exhibition in this long-standing showcase for outstanding regional contemporary art focuses on the surrealistic paintings of this celebrated Memphis artist. In her creative practice, Edwards approaches her recent…

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Emily Leonard: Finding Freedom

29 mar 2017|Nashville Arts Magazine

Emily Leonard began her latest series with a watercolor she made while pregnant with her daughter. Although she did not know it at the time, she reminisces, “It brought me…

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Jack Spencer: This Land

28 mar 2017|Black & White Magazine

Like many of his fellow Americans, Jack Spencer wasn’t happy when United States forces invaded Iraq in March 2003. His “This Land” series grew out of a deep concern about…

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