Jared Small | Interview & Studio Visit

How do you decide which houses to photograph and paint? js-2sweet n-20161025_dlg_jsmall_0013

JS: I try to find houses the seems to have a story to tell, ones that look like they’ve gone through something.

What is your process like? Do you have any rituals? 

JS: I don’t sketch much normally I let images or pictures I’ve taking seen dictate what I am going to often I use Photoshop to lay out the painting. Then draw out the painting on board etc. I start on the main image first, trying to focus on the the theme in the painting then go form there. Rituals are, first coffee, then I  put on some music, a TV show, or audiobook, then I get to work

Tell me about the title “Slight” and how you this word is significant to your work?

JS: Often the houses I paint are old and in disrepair or slighted, and the paintings are often slightly different from reality, slightly fading in to abstraction. So, when I noticed that the word slight was use a lot when describing my work, I made it the title.

What is next for you, what are you working on?

Working on making my work more dimensional add more layer and different materials. I’m experimenting now.



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