Beth Edwards at the Huntsville Museum of Art

Beth Edward’s show “Encounters” will be up at the Huntsville Museum of Art through 16 June.

Realism is too simple a word to describe the paintings of Beth Edwards. Certainly her paintings strive for realistic depiction of a thing or a landscape. The shape is true; you immediately recognize the thing as doll, tree, butterfly, house, chair, car, etc. But each item has been elevated to OBJECT through Edwards’ use of hyper-color and intensified lighting.

“The paintings are ultimately about appreciation – whether for aesthetic objects or for the simple pleasures found in nature.” -Beth Edwards in conversation with Peter J. Baldaia in the catalogue for “Encounters”

“All of Edwards’ art is filled with spirit and anointed with light. With the vintage dolls, cartoon characters, and modernist paintings of her mid-20th-century childhood, Edwards builds highly expressive worlds that suggest what is most “real” is unfettered memory and imagination.”  – Carol Knowles in the Memphis Flyer, 2007

“Then the characters dropped out altogether and the animated flowers became the characters.” -Beth Edwards

“The paintings are quiet, rather meaningless moments in nature. However, due to their confrontational scale and the life cycle metaphorically embedded in plants, the celebratory aspect of these scenes is subdued. I am interested in the ability for something so slight and innocuous to have a true impact. The paintings are both life affirming and sad. I want people to be struck by very little.” -Beth Edwards on her Flowers and Foliage work

Beth Edwards received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Tyler School of Art and Master of Fine Arts from Indiana University. She has exhibited across the country with works in numerous public and private collections including the Howard and Judith Tullman Collection in Chicago, the Brooks Museum of Art in Memphis and the Tennessee Arts Commission in Nashville. She has had residencies at the prestigious MacDowell and Yaddo artist colonies.

Click here to see her available work.

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