Leslie Holt | Interview

10 oct 2017

Tell me about some of your recent work from your studio. I’m thinking of Atom, Atom Scattering and Skip to my Lou. They seem to be more abstract, a shift…

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Kelly S Williams | Interview

15 aug 2017

DLG: You are having a moment! Tell me about some of your recent and upcoming exhibitions. Kelly S Williams: A 20-year-in-the making moment! But I think what you are…

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Don Estes | Interview

11 may 2017

DLG: Does your process begin with a title or do you create the work and decide on a title after you’ve completed it?  DE: There are times when I’m…

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Tad Lauritzen Wright | Studio Visit

02 mar 2017

“It’s definitely a work space. I come here to do that and usually work consistently through the time I’m here. My sister’s studio is a totally different environment. She’s…

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