Two exhibitions on display at local commercial galleries indicate that the concept of abstract art is vibrant and alluring in Memphis.

“Bluff Poem,” a show by Don Estes at David Lusk Gallery, closing May 19, and “Ephemera,” a large group of works by Lisa Weiss at L Ross Gallery, through May 27, share a monochromatic stone-and-earth colored palette while differing in intent and execution.

As the titles of their exhibitions imply, Estes’ mixed media on panel paintings partake of the solidity and temporal power of the river bluffs that were their inspiration, while Weiss’ acrylic and mixed media works, on panel or paper, embody the mutability of thought and materiality, the impermanence of the shapes of things. We could say that Estes deals with the emphatically seen, while Weiss plays with the dramatically unseen.

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