If you see Maysey Craddock’s show “Unfolding Shores” with other people, chances are that you’ll hear a lot of the phrase, “That’s beautiful!” or even, “Wow, how beautiful!” And those viewers would be correct. The work in this exhibition, on display through Dec. 23 at David Lusk Gallery, is of surpassing beauty, to the point of being hypnotic, seductive, ravishing. Let’s not attempt to parse the meaning of beauty or its relationship to the imagination in an unbeautiful age, and let’s not rely on what has become the current cliche: that we require beauty as a salve to our bruised psyches in this dismal, brutal time. Let’s, instead, tell the truth, that beauty exists in and of itself, for its own purpose, that it keeps its own counsel, perhaps consoling, if that’s important to you, but also a little indifferent.

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