Carlyle Wolfe


3 January – 4 February 2016
OPENING: Saturday 7 January, 5-8pm
DiaLoGue: Wednesday 18 January, 6-7pm

This winter marks Carlyle Wolfe’s first solo exhibition at David Lusk Gallery – Nashville. Garden features large and layered paintings on panel, intricate watercolors on paper, and a large-scale metal installation, all stemming from Wolfe’s desire to document a deeper understanding of the natural world around her.

Wolfe has made it her career to carefully observe the exchange of color and light that occur in nature, studying the different hues, rhythms and patterns that develop as hours pass and seasons change. While her mid-2015 show in Memphis focused on the rich change that occurs as summer winds to an end, Garden takes on spring and winter.

Wolfe’s process is cumulative: beginning with plant studies made from observation, she collects shapes, lines, colors, and environments. She layers and interweaves information, calling back to a specific experience or moment discovered in an earlier nature observation.

Wolfe states, “One of the reasons plants make great subjects is that they stay in one position for a relatively long time. But, they also describe something bigger – a constant forward motion of seasonal change. It excites me to pursue a subject that extends into something so huge – so much bigger than I am.”

The abstract imagery on her large, richly layered oils on panel and watercolors on paper fade in and out of light and shadow, referencing a mystical environment that feels endless and mysterious. Carefully studied shifts in shape draw the viewer closer to nature’s complexities and shifts. One component of the exhibition is an installation of suspended strands of delicate metal cut outs that mimic the organic overlapping silhouettes of foliage found in natural landscapes, and in her paintings – further encompassing the viewer in a dreamlike atmosphere.

Wolfe received her BFA in Painting from the University of Mississippi in 2000 and her MFA in Painting and Drawing from Louisiana State University in 2004. Her work was recently selected for The Art in Embassies Program at the US Embassy in Maputo, Mozambique. She has exhibited work throughout the South including, The Dixon Gallery and Gardens, the Mary C. O’Keefe Cultural Center, the University of Charleston, the Shaw Center for the Arts, the Mississippi Museum of Art, the Lauren Rogers Museum of Art, the University of Mississippi Museum, and Arkansas Art Center. She currently lives in Oxford, Mississippi.

David Lusk Gallery is located at 516 Hagan Street in Nashville’s Wedgewood-Houston neighborhood. Gallery hours are Tuesday-Saturday 11-5. For more information or visuals please contact Amelia Briggs at 615.780.9990 or

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