Jared Small


15 November - 23 December
OPENING: Saturday 19 November, 5-8pm
DiaLoGue: Wednesday 7 December, 6-7pm

David Lusk Gallery – Nashville announces Jared Small’s second solo exhibition with the Gallery. Slight features Small’s new photorealistic paintings that explore the dramatic evolution of time through aging Southern buildings and lush floral still lifes.

Small’s paintings focus on a structure or arrangement, while the background dissolves into abstract elements that give way to an emotional and dramatic interpretation of the subject. This technique allows Small to hypnotize the viewer into a dream-like state, caught between the realities of the obvious image and the possible mysteries that lie beneath the surface.

Growing up in Memphis, Small became familiar with decaying homes and neighborhoods. This fascination is evident in his meticulous representation of these structures, complete with peeling paint and broken windows. For Slight, Small is mesmerized by the changing essence of Nashville’s Germantown neighborhood. As Nashville undergoes dramatic shifts, many historic homes and buildings have transformed as well. The histories of the structures evolving with society fascinates Small — he dissects each stoop, hinged screen door, and A-line roof. Despite the countless facelifts to their exteriors over the years, the bones of the homes reveal a solidity that is unrelenting.

The shows title, Slight, addresses a disregard for historic preservation and the inexorable damage that comes with time. While Small’s paintings of decaying buildings deal with the slow process of change and decay, lush floral still lifes play with subtle shifts of beauty and mortality. Gorgeous petals display rich color, frozen in a state of inevitable transformation, some fading, others as vibrant as ever.

Small’s ability to accurately detail exactly what he sees is one of his greatest talents. He describes his practice as, “…trying to accomplish a dream-like state. I’m imagining other people’s memories – fading, but still there.” Essentially self-taught, Small lives and works in Memphis. His work has been acquired by many public and private collections, including the monumental allegorical painting, True Blues, that is part of Nashville Music City Center’s permanent collection.

David Lusk Gallery is located at 516 Hagan Street in Nashville’s Wedgewood-Houston neighborhood. Gallery hours are Tuesday-Saturday 11-5. For more information or visuals please contact Amelia Briggs at 615.780.9990 or amelia@davidluskgallery.com

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