Peter Fleming


1 September – 8 October 2016
OPENING: Friday 2 September 6-8 pm
TALK: Saturday 17 September 11am

In September Peter Fleming mounts his first solo exhibition at David Lusk Gallery-Memphis. Preserved features a selection of three dimensional assemblages and free standing objects that spring from his work in architectural design.

Fleming experiments widely with materials, using enameled steel, plaster, wool, hardwoods, marble and found objects. These disparate combinations of objects of daily use evoke reflection on domesticity and its relationship to material culture.

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Preserved is presented with abstracted icons, in some instances a trailer home, glazed tile, a chair, or styrofoam coolers. Through the manipulation of these everyday objects Fleming reflects on the intimacy of life and one’s general interactions between daily rituals, specific materials, and what it means to make a home and be at home. He reinterprets conventional objects into innovative conceptual designs; each work transcends its original identity, straddling the line between functional art and pure sculpture.

In one work a mummified Chippendale chair resembles a skeleton, wrapped carefully to preserve its essential proportions. Fleming’s manipulation of the chair questions the very nature of art, similar to the way his predecessors Marcel Duchamp and Joseph Beuys once did, believing that art and common life were ultimately inseparable.

Australian-born Fleming received a Bachelor of Interior Design from the Auburn University School of Architecture. He has studied at the Institute for Classical Architecture in New York, Bard Graduate Center of the Decorative Arts and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Fleming is an Assistant Professor at O’More College of Design in Franklin TN, and he is currently focused on establishing his young product company, Building #9, and growing his family.

David Lusk Gallery is located at 97 Tillman. Gallery hours are Tuesday-Friday 10-5:30 and Saturday 11-4. For more information or visuals please contact Amelia Briggs at 901 767 3800 or

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