When it comes to the business of contemporary fine art, Memphis has always been something of a one-gallery town. The mantle passed from Alice Bingham, who opened the city’s first-ever contemporary gallery in 1979, to Bingham’s protegé Lisa Kurts, who continued Bingham’s business in the early 1990s. From Kurts, the informal position was assumed by David Lusk, whose gallery opened in East Memphis in 1995 and has gained momentum over the past two decades. Lusk’s gallery, which this month relocated to a permanent home on Tillman Street in central Memphis, represents a mix of established Memphis artists and educators, such as painters Veda Reed and the late Ted Fairs, as well as mid-career and up-and-coming artists such as Tyler Hildebrand and Jared Small. The gallery is also known for hosting an annual “Art Under $1000” that introduces less-established artists to potential buyers.

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