Jack Spencer

10 mar 2018|Nashville Arts Magazine

For renowned photographer Jack Spencer, Mississippi-born and Nashville-residing, the image captured by his camera, be it a digital file or a negative, has always been a jumping-off point. It’s in…

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Five Places to Go in Nashville

01 mar 2018|The New York Times

Big bucks aren’t necessary to buy a piece of high-caliber contemporary American art: that’s the premise of this light flooded art gallery with soaring wood ceilings, which the seasoned art…

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Destination: Nashville

31 jan 2018|Surface Magazine

Nearby David Lusk Gallery, based in Memphis but finding itself comfortably at home in Tennessee, featured a late-2017 exhibition from Berlin-native Anne Siems in a series…

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Jared Small

19 jan 2018|The Jealous Curator

Gorgeous … but lonely. This is the work of American artist Jared Small. All of these dark ‘n stormy oil paintings are part of his latest show, titled ‘Dimension’.

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