When I started this business in Memphis in 1995 my goals were easy:

1. Have a good time representing a small crowd of talented artists (some with national reputations, others new to any gallery; some from this region, others from the coasts).

2. Expose my clients well beyond mid-south borders to the artworks my artists create.

As the David Lusk Gallery in Nashville heads into its third year, the Gallery in Memphis is settling into its new digs at 97 Tillman. We celebrated the grand opening of that new white building in February of this year.

The two programs (Memphis and Nashville) aren’t identical; neither are the two spaces; and the staff in each place firmly believes in their town and the DLG artists.

Now, twenty years later, David Lusk Gallery still abides by those original goals. We've had good luck together -- both artists and clients. And, it's been a good time.

Holler at Robert Hollingsworth and his crew in Memphis, or Amelia Briggs in Nashville, or me -- burning up Interstate 40 between the Tennessee cities. You can email us at, or better yet, come visit.


jan Tim Crowder | Don Estes | Derrick Meads

feb Maysey Craddock

mar Kelly S. Williams

may George Dombek

jun Group Photography Show

jul K J Schumacher | David Onri Anderson | Christina Renfer Vogel

aug Daily Art

sep Brandon Donahue

oct Rob Matthews

nov Jared Small


jan Hamlett Dobbins | Carlyle Wolfe

feb Hans Schmitt-Matzen

mar Jack Spencer

mar Emily Leonard

jun Outsider Artist: Bridging Communities

jul Really?

aug Tyler Hildebrand

sep Catherine Erb

oct Mark Bradley-Shoup | Wolfe Kahn

nov Anne Siems


jan Veda Reed | Beth Foley

feb K.J. Schumaker | Nora Sturges

mar Kathleen Holder | Peggy Root

may Rob Matthews | Ted Faiers

junArt Stormer

junErb, Spence and Courtney

augPrice is Right: Art Under a Grand

sep Kit Reuther

oct Greely Myatt

nov Jared Small


jan Ted Faiers

feb Leslie Holt | Carroll Cloar

mar Mark Bradley-Shoup | Dwayne Butcher

may Tyler Hildebrand

junMash-Up: Artist Do Cardboard

julLand Rush

augPrice is Right: Art Under a Grand

sep Tad Lauritzen Wright

oct Huger Foote|Vadis Turner

novPeter Fleming|Robert Yasuda