When I started this business in Memphis in 1995 my goals were easy:

1. Have a good time representing a small crowd of talented artists (some with national reputations, others new to any gallery; some from this region, others from the coasts).

2. Expose my clients well beyond mid-south borders to the artworks my artists create.

As the David Lusk Gallery in Nashville heads into its third year, the Gallery in Memphis is settling into its new digs at 97 Tillman. We celebrated the grand opening of that new white building in February of this year.

The two programs (Memphis and Nashville) aren’t identical; neither are the two spaces; and the staff in each place firmly believes in their town and the DLG artists.

Now, twenty years later, David Lusk Gallery still abides by those original goals. We've had good luck together -- both artists and clients. And, it's been a good time.

Holler at Robert Hollingsworth and his crew in Memphis, or Amelia Briggs in Nashville, or me -- burning up Interstate 40 between the Tennessee cities. You can email us at, or better yet, come visit.


jan Tad Lauritzen Wright

feb Carroll Todd | Leslie Holt

mar Rana Rochat | Dwayne Butcher

apr Don Estes | Burton Callicott

mayJack Spencer

jul Tyler Hildebrand

augPrice is Right: Last Dance

sep Greely Myatt

oct George Dombek |Dorothy Sturm

nov Catherine Erb


jan Jerry Lynn & Terry Lynn

feb Tyler Hildebrand | Mary Sims

mar Veda Reed

apr Jared Small

may19 7/12

junSummer Reading

julMASH UP: Artists Do Cardboard

augPrice is Right: Art Under a Grand

sep200 Miles Away


nov Beth Edwards

nov Ted Faiers


jan John Torina | Lynn McCarty

feb Anne Siems | Carlyle Wolfe

mar Hamlet Dobbins

apr Don Estes|Carroll Todd

jun Robert Rector|Bruce Brainard

jul Tim Crowder

aug Price Is Right

sep Greely Myatt

oct Tad Lauritzen Wright

nov Maysey Craddock


jan Ted Faiers

feb Freida Hamm

mar Robert Rector | Dwayne Butcher

apr Veda Reed

may Jeane Umbreit | Mathew Puckett

jun Robert Yasuda | Beth Edwards

jul Tim Crowder

aug Price is Right

sep Colin McLain | Mayme Kratz

oct Tad Lauritzen Wright

nov Rana Rochat | Peter J. Cohen

dec Maysey Craddock


jan Twin

feb Huger Foote | Joyce Gingold

mar Michael Crespo

apr Jared Small

may John Torina

jun Pinkney Herbert | Susan Madacsi

jul Terri Jones | Leslie Holt

aug Price Is Right

sep Greely Myatt

oct Wayne Edge | Anne Siems

nov Don Estes

dec Carroll Todd | Group Show


jan Twin

feb John Torina

mar Michael Barringer | Jared Small

apr Jeane Umbreit | Leslie Holt

may Dwayne Butcher | Linda Disney

jun Wayne Edge | Colin McLain

jul Pinkney Herbert | Alan Duckworth

aug Price Is Right

sep Greely Myatt

oct Veda Reed

nov Don Estes | Anne Siems

dec Freida Hamm


jan Ted Faiers

feb Rana Rochat

mar Michael Crespo

apr Robert Yasuda | Dolph Smith

may Kat Gore | J Ivcevich

jun Small, Butcher, Ryman, Kenny

jul Tim Crowder

aug Price Is Right

sep Libby Johnson | Carroll Todd

oct Tad Lauritzen Wright

nov Robert Rector

dec Maysey Craddock


jan Twin

feb John Torina

mar Terri Jones | Michael Barringer

apr Veda Reed

may Pam Wagner

jun Wayne Edge | Alan Duckworth

jul Peter Bowman | Mary Sims

aug Price Is Right

sep Bruce Brainard | Beth Edwards

oct Hamlett Dobbins

nov Carroll Cloar | Anna Siems

dec Freida Hamm


jan Brian Russell | Libby Johnson

feb Rana Rochat

mar Michael Crespo

apr Tim Crowder | Melissa Stern

may Robert Rector

jun Greely Myatt

jul Pinkney Herbert | Mary Bennett

aug Price Is Right

sep Maysey Craddock

oct Tad Lauritzen Wright

nov Don Estes | Ted Faiers

dec Brian Rutenberg | Group


jan Twin

feb Marjorie Guyon | Linda Disney

mar Kathleen Holder | Burton Callicott

apr Marie Najera | Carroll Cloar

may Pam Wagner

jun Kat Gore | Joyce Gingold

jul Hamlett Dobbins | J Ivcevich

aug Price Is Right

sep Json Myers | Carol Sams

oct Robert Yasuda Daisy Craddock

nov Carroll Todd | Jeane Umbreit

dec Freida Hamm | Group


jan Pinkney Herbert | Alan Duckworth

feb Rana Rochat | Wayne Edge

mar Michael Crespo

apr Anne Siems | Ian Lemmonds

may Maysey Craddock

jun Peter Bowman | Ted Faiers

jul Huger Foote | John Ryan

aug Price Is Right

sep John Torina | David Tomb

oct Tad Lauritzen Wright

nov Veda Reed

dec Marie Najera


jan Bob Burdette | Ted Faiers

feb Twin | Carroll Cloar

mar Melissa Stern | Shea Hembrey

apr Greely Myatt | Robert Yasuda

may Kat Gore | Json Myers

jun Freida Hamm

jul John Pavlicek | Terri Jones

aug Price Is Right

sep Pam Wagner

oct Robert Rector

nov Brian Russell | Beth Edwards

dec Tim Crowder


jan Anne Siems

feb Colin McLain | Jack Robinson

mar Michael Crespo

apr Rana Rochat | Jeane Umbreit

may Kathleen Holder | Bruce Brainard

jun Ted Faiers

jul Carol Sams | Tad Lauritzen Wright

aug Price Is Right

sep Libby Johnson | Janice Albertine

oct Marjorie Guyon | Allison Smith

nov Daisy Craddock | Patton Wilson

dec Marie Najera


jan Robert Rector

feb American Narratives

mar Peggy Root

apr Pinkney Herbert | Laura de Santillanna

may Pam Wagner

jun Freida Hamm

jul Maysey Craddock

aug Price Is Right | Peter Bowman

sep Veda Reed

oct Brian Russell | Jack Spencer

nov Mary Sims

dec John Torina


jan Brian Bishop | Robert Peterson

feb American Narratives | Walter Anderson

mar Peter Bowman | Paul Arensmeyer

apr Greely Myatt | Carol Sams

may Marjorie Guyon | Bob Burdette

jun Robert Yasuda | Libby Johnson

jul Carroll Cloar | Janice Albertine

aug Price Is Right

sep Terri Jones | Rosalyn Schwartz

oct Clarence Morgan | John Ryan

nov Huger Foote | John Pavlicek

dec Tim Crowder


jan Veda Reed

feb American Legacy

apr Pam Wagner | Daniel Clayman, Flo Perkins & Laura de Santillanna

may Robert Rector | Betty Leigh Hutcheson

jun Freida Hamm

jul Price Is Right

aug Colin McLain | Flora Mace & Joey Kirkpatrick

sep John Torina | Lloyd Dallett

oct Michael Crespo | Jim Ramer

nov Daisy Craddock | Melissa Stern

dec Anne Siems | Eric Rhein


jan John Torina | Anne Siems

feb Tradition & Conflict

apr Maysey Craddock | Edward Giobbi

may Tim Crowder | Marjorie Guyon

jun Pinkney Herbert | John Salvest
Paul Arensmeyer
Gabriel Manca

jul Allison Smith | Clarence Morgan

sep Mary Sims

oct William Eggleston | John Ryan

nov Cindy Blair | Ruben Nakian

dec Ben Fink


jan Robert Yasuda | Alicia Winegardner

feb The South: A Story To Tell

mar Libby Johnson | David Nester

apr Freida Hamm

may Terri Jones | Kathleen Holder

jun Peggy Root | Jack Spencer

aug Colin McLain

sep Jeane Umbreit

oct Huger Foote

dec Peter Bowman


jan Anne Siems

feb American Modernist

mar Tim Crowder | Jim Ramer

apr Pinkney Herbert

may Memphis in May 20th Anniversary

jun Roy Tamboli | Holly Katz

jul Colin Asmus | Jim Dow

aug Maysey Craddock, Susan Shockley, Jack Spencer, Margaret Wilkes

sep Nancy Cheairs

oct Michael Crespo | Guy Martin

nov Greely Myatt

dec Tree


oct Opening

nov Huger Foote

dec Holiday