Tyler Hildebrand works | bio

Artist Tyler Hildebrand does not shy away from the harsh realities of contemporary American culture. Through a variety of mixed media including paintings, sculpture and film Hildebrand strives to represent grotesque elements of society, even if it means revealing an uncomfortable and oftentimes crude environment. By exposing the perverse, depraved and degenerate truths of the world around us, Hildebrand produces work that is often tough to look at, sometimes witty and always truthful.

The concepts and characters that exist in the work are threaded into different narratives that play out on small-scale ink on paper, large-scale mixed media on canvas and video installation. Together these different elements interact in dysfunctional bliss. His most recent body of work specifically chronicles a delinquent and his travels, and pays tribute to the source of all his madness, the semi-fictional character Granny Whitey.


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