Tad Lauritzen Wright
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In the same "Southern Casualist" vein as his recent exposés, Lauritzen Wright continues to adapt naïve forms and shocking color to shape a narrative referencing a return to understanding and expressing the fun of using paint – in any form and texture. "My "Southern Casualist" habits allow mistakes to be seen, reveal first thoughts and moves, while considering the subject as an equal to material application."

"The cultural and classical idea of Bacchus (the Roman god of wine and excess) and his related frenzy takes the forefront of the Artist's most recent body of work – familiar single line drawings and paintings, word finds and text paintings, all reveling in Bacchus, and thematic focus on classic examples of cultural excessiveness. Alongside his 2-D work, Lauritzen Wright tends to his 'game player' personality incorporating Bacchanalia installations: a beer pong table; a magic 8 ball disco ball; and painted cardboard building boxes that spell out debaucheries.


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