Mary Addison Hackett
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After a decade on the West Coast successfully pushing boundaries with colorful and daring abstract works, Hackett returned to her Southern roots and her childhood home in Nashville, Tennessee in 2013. The move gave her pause and a time to reevaluate her technique, style and subject matter as a painter: "Abstraction seemed inadequate as I began opening closets and drawers that contained ready-made vignettes from the past, and gradually the work became a direct response to my surroundings."

As the seasons changed, the work progressed from domestic interiors, work tools and the flotsam and jetsam of everyday life, to nature and adjacent outdoor spaces. It is a direct observation, but one that remains a little blurry and rough around the edges – conveying the same sentimental feeling Hackett felt when returning to her childhood home. This element of personality constructs the meaning of memory in daily life with verve, attitude and humor.

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