Libby Johnson works | bio

For Libby Johnson meditation is a way of quieting the soul and centering the mind. The concentrated act is applied daily to her artistic practice in order to give all of herself to the work. The artist centers on the canvas - revisiting the places she has traveled and recapturing those moments wholly as she paints. Whether the subject matter is the bright cafes and dark alleys of Italian cities, or the murky lagoons and dramatic skylines of the Louisiana landscape, her paintings come alive as she involves herself in each piece.

The meditative concentration is reflected in Johnson’s interpretation of light. A combination of oil paint, technical skills and varnish gives Johnson the ability to create extreme light situations in both her dramatic landscapes on canvas and detailed vignettes of street scenes on panel. In addition to the photo-realistic quality of the works, Johnson sets the small panels within over-scaled frames. The deep-set composition provides the viewer with a window into an escape from reality. .


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