Leslie Holt works | bio

Leslie Holt is recognized far and wide for her "Hello Masterpiece" series of paintings: Holt copies instantly recognized paintings in miniature, faithful in all respects to the original, save for the addition of the Hello Kitty character appropriately inserted into the action. Her work is featured in a book that analyzes the Japanese icon as both art and commodity in Pink Globalization: Hello Kitty’s Trek Across the Pacific by Christine Yano.

Over the years this unconventional juxtaposition of Hello Kitty against a range of art historical backdrops continually provokes multilayered commentary rooted in gross commercialism, pop culture, high/lowbrow art and the socio-economic lines that characteristically divide the general public from the culturally elite. Alongside these interpretations, Holt remains steadfast in allowing her works to create a humorous and ironic affect on viewers.



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