Kit Reuther works | bio

Although a life long-long artist Kit Reuther considers herself a self-taught painter and sculptor. She began her official art career in the early 1990s, after working in retail display. Her initial body of work was of realistic objects, rendered in a very minimal palette. Experimentation quickly pointed her toward dissolving recognizable objects, and later to large mark-oriented paintings, and now to more minimal collages with simple drawing and paint applications. Comparison of her work is often made to Louise Nevelson, in terms of piecing shapes, and to the mark making of Cy Twombly.

While experimenting with painting Reuther has continually combined objects to create sculpture. She found a welding instructor, befriended wood carvers, and started to work with bigger tools - some even involving electricity and gasoline. Now she hacks, carves, finished wood into elegantly stretched totems that are reminiscent of tribal sculpture as well as the modernist sculptures of Alberto Giacometti. Reuther is also recognizable for her single-modeled heads. They are elemental in application, like Picasso's flattening of figurative shapes yet powerful and monumental.

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