Kathleen Holder works | bio

“Throughout my career as an artist, my work has followed a reductive path moving from figuration and figurative abstraction toward a leaner and much more subtle minimalism. Along the way I have tried to boil away excess to arrive at essence. Although I sometimes find inspiration in certain visual phenomenon, an expansive landscape, or something I have observed in nature… I am not interested in re-creating or re-presenting the experience. I am more interested in the metaphysics of a place or experience and capturing that which is transitory or mercurial…i.e., mood, temperature, atmosphere, light. In part, my work attempts to penetrate a steamy, ethereal world where matter is captured in a process of materialization/dematerialization, evolution/dissolution. The work is more a chronicle of a metaphysical or spiritual journey addressing my experiences symbolically. It is more a search for the truth which exists on the other side of our limited perception of reality and deeply rooted in the unconscious.”

Kathleen Holder is Professor Emerita from the University of Arkansas, Little Rock. She received her BFA and MFA degrees from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee and currently resides in Buda, Texas.


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