John Torina
works bio

Torina is no stranger to the unknown. Since his teenage years, he has been on the road in some shape or form, first as a musician in a Rock n' Roll band and finally as a visual artist, yet always exploring far-off countries and embracing new cultures.

Torina approaches painting in the same way. He paints on site in marshes, fields and coastlines along the Gulf Coast. Oftentimes Torina will drive aimlessly down a dirt road and discover the subtle beauty in the wetlands of the Georgia seaside or the amber grains in fields along Arkansas highways. He captures the scene as it is before him, but also innately translates the inexpressible feeling that comes along with it.  The paint is applied in a heightened gesture that reveals impressionable landscapes and astonishing skies from sunrise to sunset. The contrasting colors of the green countryside and the open blue sky create a dramatic and impactful setting that resonates as much with him as it does with the viewer. It is an opportunity to escape into the unknown and understand the world’s natural splendor.

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