Freida Hamm works | bio

The vibrant landscapes of rural middle Tennessee have emboldened artist Freida Hamm to express emotion on paper. Through her liberal use of bright color and abstracted composition, the organic shapes surrounding a grove of trees, a winding fence, or a barn become a universal representation of an idyllic pastoral setting.

Hamm begins her artistic process by driving down solitary roads until she is drawn to a certain environment. After painting en plein-aire and photographing the site, she returns to her studio and paints – primarily working from memory. The emotional process is evident in the unusual coloring of a willow tree, the intense brushstrokes of grass swaying in the breeze, and the layers of paint that add texture and depth. “I like to paint big -- there’s something about getting your whole arm into it. When I’m painting, I want to become part of it and move around with it and back up and look at it. As a result, my feet are just about worn out.”


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