Dwayne Butcher works | bio

It’s best to let Dwayne Butcher talk about himself: “I have always been aware of my weight and accent and the negative connotations that come with each. When I began as a practicing artist, I wanted to deny any reference of the self in the work I was making. In these works, I intentionally denied my previous life experiences and any evidence of my personality. I felt compelled to dissociate myself, to exclude any self-reference to avoid being labeled as some overweight hillbilly from Arkansas.

“In the current body of work I am completely embracing these fixed characterizations that, are for the most part, true. I actually am a hillbilly from Arkansas with aspirations of integrating into the highbrow art world. Now, I capitalize on contradictions in my pieces that counter my southern masculine roots. The work encompasses a variety of media; sculptures, text based installations, digital paintings and videos . However, all work is based on the transcendence of stereotypes. I am embracing my struggles to integrate into the highbrow art world by examining normal conventions of gender and social class.”


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