Catherine Erb works | bio

Catherine Erb, is a self-taught fine-art photographer from Memphis.  She began her fascination with photography in the late 80’s when she had unlimited access to a camera and dark room while attending boarding school.  After High School, Catherine moved to Europe where she worked with photographers for several years before returning to Memphis to start a family.  Catherine began using her camera as a way to visually journal.  In 2003 she discovered the digital darkroom and began creating her own pigment prints as well as exploring alternative ways to print her work.

Catherine’s work is inspired by relationships. She is fascinated by how we relate to one another and the world around us. In particular, our relationship to divinity, spirit, and the things we cannot see inform her work. Her series are explorations and studies searching for a glimpse of the invisible. She believes everything and everyone has a divine essence and seeks to capture that in her work.

“I spend the most time searching for glimpses of a things divine essence and being still and present enough to capture those moments. There is a little break in time that occurs after something comes into my viewfinder but before I have had a chance to react or form a judgment: there is clarity in that interval of time and I try to shoot and capture that moment. When I am successful, the result is not just an image, but a feeling and reminder that the magic always happens in the present.”

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