Carroll Todd works | bio

Working in precisely formed and welded sheet bronze, Todd’s sense of child-like wonderment of nature is sharp. His pieces are large, stretching up to nine-feet in height, and tiny – some are less than four inches. Similarly, some are easily understood for what they are – mouse, factory, tree, and others have almost no clear indication of form or object. The work is clearly inspired by modernist thoughts and design tendencies similar to Sheeler, O’Keefe and Nadelman.

In his art practice, Todd begins with a sketch. Once the abstract and figurative elements are established on paper, the work evolves into a small maquette to engineer the effortless bends and folds the bronze assumes on a larger scale. The he cuts, rolls, bends, forms and welds the sheet bronze. The last step is application of patinas and wax. The result is an elegance and grace rarely apparent in metalwork.


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