Brandon Donahue works | bio

Over the past seventeen years, I have been professionally custom airbrushing at t-shirt and car shops, athletic events, carnivals, festivals, and homes. Customizing and personalizing things is to me a rite and I believe in the ability to transcend the original state and meaning of things. I see myself in the work and realize that I, too, have potential to change.

Two art-making processes dominate my studio practice: airbrushing and assemblage. There is an exceptional quality to my painting process. Airbrushing enables me to work in large and small-scale detail without my tool physically touching the surface. Layers of paint evenly re-coat the material without altering its form. I collect mass-produced, publicly displayed, and sports objects such as like fallen street signs, basketballs, and video game controllers.

My work relates to traditions of street art, Art Povera and occupies a space between low and high art culture. I search for and collect articles and materials with a specific history. I then add to the history of the thing by employing multiple techniques and processes such as airbrushing, spray painting, vacuum forming, or simply reassembling the object. 

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