Anne Siems works | bio

Artist Anne Siems is inspired by the landscapes of her childhood in Germany. Using her remembered landscape as background, Siems creates narrative paintings with a distinct time and place – but it is impossible to firmly discern when or where that place is. Her work can be described as ancient, current, make-believe or post-apocalyptic. Often using a child-like figure as the centerpiece of a painting, her figures are dressed in transparent clothing and surrounded by forest friends.

Summing up her work, Siems says: β€œAt present, I continue with my interest in the human figure and the attributes that surround it. These attributes reflect something about the being without giving a specific narrative. Ideas about life and death, sensuality, sexuality, nature, experiences in the realm of dreams, psyche and spirit are my ongoing topic. A lot of inspiration for these pieces stem from my ongoing love for the art of the European Masters, Early American Folk Art, as well as vintage and modern photography.”

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